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Correct Photo Info / Faster Photo uploads
Thank You Ash Lindquist for your suggestions... They are greatly appriciated and we have implemented them.

Users now have access to edit their Photo information. After you log in, select your name from the "Select Photographers" Drop down and click search. In the list photo page, under your name you will see the link for "Correct Photo Information" I am currently working on a member profile page where you can get wasy access to all your photos.

When uploading a photo, the Date is not required. Although we would love to get the date if you have it.

After you upload a photo, you can upload additional photos with the same specifications. When you are done uploading a photo, click on the link for "Add Additional Photos".
Follow Emergency Rigs online - 08/10/09
EmergencyRigs.net is now on Facebook and Twitter. Become a Fan of Facebook or follow us to find out when new iamges are uploaded and what is new with EmergencyRigs.net!
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Quick Links - 07/27/09
Quick Links are becomming available for all searchs
To date here are the available links.

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Featured Photographer-Chuck Madderom
Large Format Emergency Rig Pictures - 07/10/09
Large Photos availabel to everyone - Both large photos and full screen photos are viewable by all members and non-members. Simply click on the Large button or when viewing the medium format, click on the picture to make it large.
User Comments on Photos
Emergency rigs photo commentsUsers of EmergencyRigs.net now have the option to leave comments on photos. Simply click on the "Comment on Photo" link in the top left of the View Photo page.

The comments will appear below the photo with the last comment on top.

New Search Functions in Details
Search Function DescriptionEmergencyRigs.net has added the ability to click on content in the Search Results or Photo details.

After viewing a list or photo click on one of the links to get a new search result.

Better Login Tracking
After a successful login, the browser will return you to where you were try to get.

This is helpfull for Paid members who forget to log in and click to see a large photo or wish to leave a comment.
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User Suggestions
Help keep the information in our Database current. If you do not see you Country or want to add a State of Provience, you can add it now.

Don't see the manufacturer of you favoite fire truck or need to add model to an existing emergency apparatus, you can submit it. We are always doing our best to get every Fire Station in the world, but we need your help. You must be logged in to make additions to the site and all suggestions are reviewed before they are added to the live Database. Dont have an account? Sign up for a free ot Paid account now.

Faster Search Results
We are improving the speed of the site by optimizing our SQL queries to limit the number of connection needed to display our images. EmergencyRigs utilizes programing technology to create every image on the site to the specificed request. More features are always on the horizon.

Voting exapmlesIn an attempt to get more viewers and users to vote on the photos, we have made it eaiser to vote. When viewing a photo, simply mouse over the current rating to add a vote.

Vote for photos you do not like and for photos that you love.

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